A social media buys your creativity. Start earning today.

nature, swan, owl

We are planned and started with a social media platform two years before, with old techniques to attract users and we miserably failed as people are look for something new. So we started to think, what can be the new which helps people positively. 

Let us reveal what’s new for you. We are going to buy creativity from our members and sell it in international market, where all world can buy our members creativity. Creativity we mean, drawing, paints, art works, anti-craft works, self-photographed sceneries, stories, novels, books, etc.

Our members can post it in our Liivnow platform, and we buy the best creativities and sell online to the world. It help our members to get a value for their creativity, and can earn a good amount on their creativity.

It’s time for a change. Now join Liivnow and start sharing your creativity and earn for your creativity.

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