Everyone must know before owning a website?

We are going to discuss, what are the benefits of hosting website with us?

We need some knowledge about website before we make a comparison. Do you know what all are the basic requirements for a website? The basic requirements for a website is a domain and a server space. This server space is called hosting space. So to develop a website we must buy a domain and a hosting plan. And one more thing is domain and hosing plans are yearly renewable.

The said matters are common for all type websitesThe ‘type’ we mean, wordpress website, html website, php website, python website, etc. We are concentrated on WordPress website development as, 37% of websites in the world are with WordPress, rest 63% is divided to more than hundreds of coding languages. WordPress need two more things to design and develop a website. They are Theme and Plugins. Themes and Plugins are divided into two categories. There are Free themes and plugins and also paid themes and plugins. Freebies are with less features and paid with many features.

We always recommend to use WordPress to develop website. The reason is, a basic computer literate person can handle it easily. We are providing WordPress hosting service, as we know nothing to hide from customers during these days. We identified still many people are spending more money on website, without much knowledge on it. So we are now showing the comparison of hosting website with others and us. 

Other Hosting Companies

With every hosting companies, we must buy a domain to host a website. Some hosting companies are providing one year free domain with some higher plans. And please understand , there are no lifetime domain registry. Domains must renew yearly. 

All hosting companies are asked to buy a hosting plans after purchasing a domain. Hosting plans are yearly charging. There are various type of hosting. They are Shared hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated Server hosting. Shared hosting is the most common and popular choice as it is less expensive, when we compared with VPS and dedicated server. All hosting companies have different plans with different scales for features, which are used to loot customers. Most of the companies are providing cpanel with their higher-end shared hosting plans.

A WordPress installation required a good theme to make good design for a website. There are a lot of free themes available. If a customer need a more featured theme, customer must buy it separately, which costs many dollars yearly.

There are a lots of plugins with many features available to install and activate. Paid plugins are also available with advanced features. 

SSL certificate is very important, but without SSL certificate website can function. But most of the browsers show a security warning to users, while they open the website. What is SSL certificate. Look to the above URL now, you see a padlock there. Its because we installed SSL certificate. If we not installed it, you can see ‘Not-secure’ instead of pad-lock symbol. All hosting companies are providing free SSL certificate with higher -end plans only.

We are giving lifetime free domain with our hosting plan. You may think, how it’s possible when there is no such lifetime domain registry. It’s not magic, we are paying and renewing domains hosted in our hosting server. When a customer buy a hosting plan, we buy the domain, and renew it for customer throughout lifetime.

We have one and only hosting plan which has maximum features, we can provide. The features you get from our hosting is almost same with dedicated server features with other hosting companies. We are not providing cpanel with our hosting plan, as we are limited to provide it. And we are less expensive, compared to any other hosting companies. By getting free domain, a customer is saving 15$ each every year.

We are providing a full featured theme with our hosting plan without any charges. If a customer needs to buy it individually, it costs 59$ yearly. The theme we provide is ASTRA.

We are giving one important paid version plugin which is very necessary for every website. SEO is very important to get more reach for our website. So we are giving SEOPRESS pro version along with our hosting plan. If a customer buy it individually, it costs 39$ yearly.

We are providing free SSL certificate along with our hosting plan.

We are helping a customer to save every year by cutting cost on their websites. We made a lot of required things free, which a customer are forced to pay yearly with other hosting companies.

  1. Free Domain-Lifetime(Saving 15$ yearly)
  2. Hosting plan with many features.
  3. Free SSL certificate.
  4. Free Full featured theme(Saving 59$ yearly)
  5. SEO Pro plugin.(Saving 39$/Yearly)
  6. 100+ pre-designed templates.
  7. Free Designing 
  8. Free Development
  9. Free Updating.
  10. Guidance to learn elementor designing.

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